In Service Teachers

The teaching profession in Rwanda is governed by the PRESIDENTIAL ORDER Nº 24/01 OF 24/11/2016 establishing the special statute of teachers. This Order establishes the special statutes governing teachers of nursery, primary and secondary education. This Order applies to teachers of public and Government subsidized nursery, primary and secondary education. However, it also applies to teachers of private nursery, primary and secondary education in regard to the registration and licensing of teachers.

Categories of teachers are as follows:

Each ordinary category of teachers comprises of different grades. Procedures for grading teachers are done in accordance with modalities provided for by the law governing results based performance management.

Requirements for a teacher recruitment:

The requirements for teacher recruitment are as follows:

Registration of teachers

All teachers must be registered by the public institution in charge of teachers’ development.

A new teacher is registered after a probation period

Deadline for registration as professional teachers

All teachers currently in service and who meet the requirements to be considered as professional teachers must register with the public institution in charge of teachers’ development within a period not exceeding two (2) years from the publication of this Order in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Rwanda.

Licensing of a professional teacher

Every person who wishes to exercise a teaching profession, must be registered in order to obtain a professional teaching license.

The teaching license is issued to every registered professional teacher fulfiling the requirements, upon his/her request by filling the appropriate application form.

A teaching license is issued by the public institution in charge of teacher development following requirements set by the instructions of the Minister in charge of nursery, primary and secondary education.

Recruitment and appointment

The recruitment of a teacher is done by the District which has a vacancy for a teacher and a budget provision for filling the vacancy. The District gives the new teacher a provisional appointment letter to start working and informs the public institution in charge of teachers’ development and the Public Service Commission.

No probation period is required for a person who previously served as a professional teacher and is reintregrated into the teaching profession; he/she is immediately given a definitive appointment letter.

Modalities of recruiting and appointing teachers are done through open competition in accordance with the law establishing the general statutes for public service.

Taking oath

Before starting his/her job, every teacher must take the following oath: “I,………………………………, Solemnly swear to the Nation:

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